“Robotic Process Automation will help humans become more human at work”


Techno Mage is acknowledge to be worldwide leader with technical excellence. Robotic process automation (RPA) is the future and the most talked about adopted technology in most matured and developing industries. With Techno Mage, businesses has the upper hand to automate da-to-day tasks, emancipating resources allow them to emphasise efforts on the bigger picture.

Benefits of Robotics

Industry Adaptability


The benefits of digital labor are rapidly increasing and organisation are inclining towards translating that into success. Forecast determines that by 2020 as much as 40 percent of information technology outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) service providers may stand a chance to be out of business or acquired by larger enterprises, if they fail to embrace the change on adapting RPA

Cost Savings


Average cost of implementing and operating a robot is much less than the equivalent FTE costs and decreases with large-scale deployments

Scalable Solution & Integration


Technology allows scalability upon request. Robots can easily be scaled to handle demand and variation of required integration

Robust Analytics


Deploying software into a system where it can recording data. While recording data is important, displaying the correct information is crucial to identify previously unknown constriction and allowing for further optimisation.

Secured Operation


Coupled with our in-house security assessment tool, identifying and scaling the risk involved in cyber security within system. Largely adopting to GRC, creates awareness and view on you system risk in a matter of days.

Better Performance, with Robotics

Robotics at work


Robotics Process Framework & Automation


Use cases has been proven for multiple industries. Deploying RPA can also enhance customer, supplier system integration.



• Reports automation
• System reconciliation
• Supply Chain Management


Human Resource

• Payroll, hiring, candidate management
• Employee turnover process
• Connecting each department applications and operations via a single console.


Data Migration and Management

Big Data automation: Structured vs. unstructured data, implementing RPA to automate high-volume, low complexity tasks can but not only ensure optimal resource optimisation but also improve employee productivity. Virtual worker mimic and can perform task at zero error rate. RPA can be deployed to transfer, manipulate and migrate application and system data quickly, reliably and with 100% accurate insights.


Hi-Tech & Telecom

• Service Order Management
• Quality reporting


IT & Infrastructure Support

RPA is designed for up to 50% less expensive than local/offshore FTEs. Focusing on lesser human error and increasing productivity


Contact Center

• Customer Service
• Support Desk
• Billing queries, user administration and updating records
• Procurement


Back Office Administration

Automate administration and reporting tasks, automate accounts payable, accounts receivable, order management, invoicing, collections.

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